With the goal to give more power to the people, view.com.au engaged Isle of Lime to help them share their new vision for the property portal by empowering buyers, sellers and renters to make informed decisions through detailed insights.

Transitioning the brand from realestateview.com.au to view.com.au, we supported the new positioning of the portal as the property insights site through a media relations campaign, launching the new brand to property media and following it up with proactive and reactive stories and commentary.

Using a combination of data driven stories to weighing on legislation changes impacting the public and property market, view.com.au was successfully positioned as the online portal for the people.

Reasons to celebrate:

  • In less than six months, 42 media/social hits were achieved across property, business and mainstream news
  • The media relations campaign achieved a cumulative reach of more than 9 million
  • CEO of view.com.au, Enzo Raimondo was successfully positioned as the voice of authority on changes in property that impacted the buyer, seller or renter, solidifying the message that view.com.au is the property portal empowering the people