Our good friends at WISE Employment decided to sponsor a global phenomenon with an amazing track record for people who have a mental illness. The concept was a little left of centre so clearly we were eager to support. WISE Stand up for Mental Health saw 15 aspiring comics with a mental illness partake in a three-month comedy course and share their stories in a light-hearted way. This was no mean feat but the graduating comics took their new skills to the stage and helped shift the public’s perception about hiring people with a mental illness in Melbourne and Sydney.

Reasons to celebrate:

  • The campaign reached over 15 million people across print, online and broadcast
  • Feature TV coverage included ABC Four Corners and Channel Ten’s The Project who flew Lehmo to a Sydney class to share his personal tips and tricks for stand-up comedy
  • Well-known Aussie comics Wil Anderson, Josh Thomas and Dave Hughes supported the campaign via their socials
  • Both Melbourne and Sydney events were a sell out!
  • We got to laugh … a lot