When Fairtrade sailed over to the Isle we knew we’d hit the sweet spot! Working alongside Fairtrade ANZ we launched their ‘Power of You’ campaign to educate and incentivise consumers to purchase ethically certified chocolate, coffee and tea ensuring third world producers received a fair wage for their product.

To start the conversation, we created a chocolate masterclass in partnership with Xocolatl for foodie and ethical bloggers, hosted by Esther Ephriam – a Fairtrade cocoa producer who flew from Ghana for the event.

Reasons to celebrate:

  • A media junket with cocoa producer from Ghana, Esther Ephriam that included syndicated coverage across all Fairfax metro titles.
  • Overall, the project reached over 9million people
  • Fairtrade was mentioned 178 times through secured opportunities online.
  • We got to eat a lot of chocolate!