Founder of Happy Melon Masha G is renowned around town for her ability to make you smile. She’s a gem of a human and we were lucky to cross paths at a recent Kikki K event. Our next meet and greet will be at Masha’s very own event; Give & Glow –  a first of its kind wellbeing fundraising event with a focus on connecting mind, body and community. Ahead of the March 15th event, we caught up with Masha to talk all things giving and glowing. 

Where, when and how?! Can you tell us a bit about the making of Happy Melon?

In April 2015 we opened the doors to our beautiful studio. We wanted to create a community that likes to do yoga, pilates and meditate in a space that felt like home. Our aim was to demystify meditation and make it accessible for everyone.

This March you’re running wellbeing fundraiser ‘Give & Glow’ which was spurred on by your work with FareShare – can you tell us about the event and what we can expect?

Give & Glow is a charity event that aims to inspire, nourish and educate by giving so you glow. The power of giving is priceless. Our group of friends have been volunteering at FareShare for a few years now; it’s a chance for everyone to come together, cook and give. We have lots of chats, laughs and when we leave, we feel nourished. We wanted to share that feeling with a larger audience.

Is generosity the key to happiness?

Do you remember when you gave someone a gift and how it made you feel? Giving brings our serotonin level up and the ripple effects are contagious. We believe by giving we glow, so yes – being generous makes you happier.

What do you hope people will take away with them from Give & Glow?

The speakers we have lined up for the event are amazing, inspiring and authentic. Participants can be sure they’ll learn something new and go home inspired. Participants will indulge in a morning of movement and meditation led by myself, be inspired by Kristina Karlsson (founder of Kikki K) and enjoy nutritious food from LaManna.

On a personal level, what do you do to be more connected with the mind, the body and the community?

Being a part of something bigger is so important. Often with social media we feel lonely and a sense of belonging makes you feel like you are not alone. It may mean you hang out more with your book club, surf club, yoga studio, knitting society. I feel happy around people that look into my eyes when they talk, they put their phones away at lunch and have in-depth conversations about life.

Who inspires you the most and why?

People that are “off-centre”. People that define the norm and go against the grain. People that challenge and push the boundaries. People that jump out of bed and have a smile on their face because they love life. My seven month old son Andre does that; he wakes up smiling and he inspires me the most.

The most fundamental ingredient in life is…?

Connection. We try so hard to build walls and pretend that we can do it all but the reality is that life is more fun shared. Yoga and meditation teaches you to reconnect with yourself and being surrounded by inspiring people makes you connect to a bigger world.

Give & Glow is held on March 15 at the Conference Room Hyatt Place, Essendon Fields. Get your tickets HERE.