The holidays are officially over. With February upon us, it’s safe to say everyone is back in the swing of things and work mode is the default. So, with 2019 well underway we’ve been musing over what’s ahead. Cue a 2019 trends prediction list.

  • First cab off the rank is Pantone who have tipped Living Coral the colour of choice in 2019. A nod to the reef, the colour is ‘an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge’. One can also only predict coral is set to take over Vogue Living and painted walls across the globe.
  • Vegan ice-cream’s going to be a thing. Personally, we’re not sure how we feel about this one, but heck we’re willing to try pretty much anything so get the scoop out!
  • Turning to our industry, PR’s will have to work hard to take on the ‘fake news’ phenomena (thank you Trump). The lack of trust in media has led to a rise of expert opinion – with brands offsetting this consumer hostility by positioning or engaging third party experts to push their message for them. This means that a large part of our job this year will be promoting the people behind the brands as ‘experts’ themselves who can serve up informed and trustworthy opinions.
  • Alcohol free spirits are on the rise – a concept our vino dependant bodies have trouble understanding, but heck from the sounds of things this is a massively growing market. Targeted towards increasingly health-conscious consumers, particularly Gen Z, non-alcoholic spirits offer the same taste sans hangover. With the alcohol industry one of the biggest in the world, it’ll be interesting to see how this shift in drinking habits shakes it up.
  • And lastly, in some good news for you 80’s kids, cassettes are making a comeback. Consumers can’t resist the nostalgia and apparently aren’t bothered by having to rewind. Who knows, maybe Blockbuster will be back in vogue next year!

If these trends tickled your fancy, we recommend you take some time to check out our good friends over at The Future Laboratory (TFL). We worked with them closely to launch Melbourne’s urban renewal project YarraBend as the World’s Most Livable Suburb, with TFL developing a future-gazing report on all things liveability. Trust us, TFL know trends – check them out here.