Sometimes (all of the time) life is a circus. There’s a lot to juggle – work, friends and family, parenthood, keeping fit, keeping sane… the list is endless and darn exhausting. But is there an art to juggling? We think there is, but it might not be exactly what you expect.

The Art of Juggling is an intimate forum for professionals to network and hear from likeminded industry leaders with speakers sharing their tips and tricks on how to help craft your juggle.

This isn’t your typical ‘lunch and learn’ or an awkward team bonding exercise. We’ll roll into your office bringing with us insightful speakers, great content, yummy food and good chats. You’ll walk away inspired and with a pocket full of tips you can put into practice. Plus, you’ll get to know more about your colleagues, perhaps even learning you have common interests with that guy who sits by the printer. You know, we all have our own personal juggle and can learn things from everyone!

If this tickles your fancy, give our PR Pistol Soph a holler and she’ll hook you up with all the details –

Need some inspo? Get inspired with these tips from some of our previous speakers…

Gorgi Coghlan
Co-host of Network Ten’s ‘The Project’
‘The art of juggling motherhood, work and life is an ever-evolving circus that continues to challenge me and force me to grow and adapt. I’ve learnt that dropping balls can lead to the most magnificent revelations, asking for help is not only liberating, it’s essential and that it’s okay to feel vulnerable.’

Wendy Hargreaves
Founder of Five of the Best
‘How do I nail the art of juggling? “By dropping every single ball, smashing a few along the way. The real art is figuring out which balls to pick up and dust off.’