Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with Veronica Ridge Editor in Chief at Issimo Magazine – an online design and lifestyle magazine – and let us tell you she is one smart and busy cookie. In between running Issimo, Veronica’s been working behind the scenes on her new venture, a forward-thinking publishing platform that’s reinventing the way brands, bloggers and communicators alike approach content creation. We were curious to hear more, so we touched base with Veronica to talk all things digital.

You’ve just embarked on an exciting new venture; can you tell us a little about issimo.io?
We’ve moved from publishing our online magazine at www.issimomag.com to simultaneously creating a publishing system that others can use to create their own aesthetically beautiful magazine or blog.

The new issimo.io publishing platform loosely reimagines WordPress for the modern era. However, it’s much easier to use and offers many special features such as simple and editing layout tools, maps, rich embeds, automatic image resolution (scaling to various devices – desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile)

To the team here – and our fast-growing group of clients – digital pages are more than just text and pictures. We believe we are building and using the tools to fully explore an exciting Australian digital publishing future.

What was the defining moment that kick started this new direction?
We created an iPad magazine in 2013 called Issimo Magazine which was sold on the Apple newsstand. The four issues we published were overwhelmingly embraced, however, the cost of creating it using technology such as Adobe InDesign was not feasible. Apple also took a share of the cover price. Readers found it challenging getting access to the Issimo Magazine app on the newsstand and it also became clear that the iPad could not compete with the mobile phone as a content-consumption device, even in the realm of magazines.

We searched and could not find a publishing platform that incorporated the aesthetic beauty and simplicity of a magazine app, while allowing the instant accessibility and shareability of a website. So issimo.io’s software engineer, Nick Cooper, and our web designer, Jay Cooper, built the platform from the bottom up. It’s taken three years!

How does Issimo Magazine fit into the puzzle, is the site connected to the new platform in any way?
Issimo Magazine is the shop front of our publishing system. If you like what you see there, then we can create something similar for you to suit your needs.

The future of publishing is…
Small publications are becoming king as technology and distribution costs disappear. It’s a brave new world in which traditional media is having a hard time adapting while new entrants are finding their feet. Among these are niche publishers, small business publishers and micro-influencers who are achieving success in this new model where everyone talks to everyone else rather than major media dictating what you see and read.

The rise and power of social media has made it possible to promote these stories as publishing industry continues to innovate at an incredibly exciting pace.
An average day at issimo.io HQ looks like…

The technical and creative members of issimo.io often burn the midnight oil and work well into the morning to workshop new features and meet deadlines. So our day does not start until 10am. Our team of three usually meets at noon for a progress briefing. It’s not unusual to hear a cork pop at 6pm when another progress meeting begins. There’s always a cheese platter in the work room and cold beer in the fridge.

The most fundamental ingredient in life is…?
Storytelling. It embodies every aspect of our experience. What we see and do. Storytelling can change lives, save lives and can facilitate communication between diverse communities. Humans are hardwired to receive stories; it is the most powerful way to communicate.

If you’re looking to create your own digital magazine or blog, give Veronica and her team a holler here.